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Miscellaneous display 1.We have Radio Flyer wagons, tricycles, inchworms, scooters, wheelbarrows and Tiny Tot riders - and they are assembled and ready to ride.

When winter comes and there’s snow in the forecast, come see us for Flexible Flyer snow sleds, along with snow disk and toboggans.

Miscellaneous display 2.
We also carry Amish-made bird houses and feeders in many styles and sizes - all with the distinctive copper roofs.

Mailboxes - both rural or house mounted types - are stocked in many sizes, styles and colors, including brass and copper.

And for the lawn and garden worker, we have shovels, hoes, seed & pitch forks and leaf and straw rakes in several sizes.

We carry swing blades, ditch-bank blades, bush axes, and splitting mauls.

Garden hoses, hose reels, impulse and oscillating sprinklers and stands - you will find it all here at Wilson Hardware.

Miscellaneous display 3.
Miscellaneous display 4.